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AirTrack Sizing Guide

Our easy 2 Step Guide will help you pick the ideal Air Track based on the athletes skill level, age & available floor space. All our mats can be used both indoors & outdoors.

Step 1: Pick the ideal model based on skill level & age.

Skill Level Age Model
1-4 (Just Starting / Beginner) 5-10 AirFloorX
5-10 (Intermediate / Advanced) 11+ AirTrackX

Note: Regardless of skill level, we recommend the AirTrackX for athletes aged 11+ years. This will provide them with the perfect Air Track as they continue to grow and improve well into the future.

Step 2: How much floor space do you have available?

Now that you know the right model (AirFloorX or AirTrackX), you need to pick a size based on the floor space you have available.

The Air Track Sizing Matrix below tells you the minimum floor space required for each mat. This factors in the Air Track size + some run up space.

Model Size (L x W x H) Floor Space Required
AirFloorX 3m x 1 x 10cm 4m x 2m
AirFloorX 4m x 1 x 10cm 5m x 2m
AirFloorX 5m x 1 x 10cm 7m x 2m
AirTrackX 3m x 1 x 20cm 4m x 2m
AirTrackX 4m x 1 x 20cm 5m x 2m
AirTrackX 5m x 1 x 20cm 7m x 2m
AirTrackX 6m x 1 x 20cm 8m x 2m
AirTrackX 8m x 1 x 20cm 10m x 2m
AirTrackX (2m Wide) 4m x 2 x 20cm 5m x 3m
AirTrackX (2m Wide) 6m x 2 x 20cm 8m x 3m

Consider both Length and Width when choosing the right size Air Track:


Our mats are available in many different lengths, ranging from 3 to 8 meters.

Note: Connected tricks, such as a round off back handspring won't work on a 3 meter track. We recommend at least a 5 meter track. 5 meters is generally enough space for perfecting combinations, walk overs, round off back handsping, back tucks, lays, halfs, fulls etc.


The AirTrackX comes in two widths, 1 & 2 meters. If you have the space to accommodate a 2 meter wide AirTrackX then it's definitely worth while as it will provide Gymnasts, Cheerleaders & Acrobats more room to practice their tricks, and can be more forgiving with the extra landing space.

The AirFloorX is only manufactured to be 1 meter wide.

Contact us if you would like to have a custom designed Mat to match your sizing requirements.

The Pressure & Thickness of the Air Track creates different training surfaces.


The combination of thickness and pressure determine the type of tumbling surface you will end up with on your Mat. A firm surface provides more stability and will more closely mimic the feel of a spring floor. A softer surface gives you more bounce and softer landings and will more closely mimic the feel of a jumping castle.

The intermediate / advanced gymnast will likely prefer the firmer surface.

A younger beginner gymnast may prefer the softer surface.


There are two different options for mat thicknesses – 10cm (AirFloorX) and 20cm (AirTrackX). The pressure of an Air Track is something you can control by how much you inflate the product.

The thicker 20cm mats (AirTrackX) give you more options for use. If you choose a thicker air track, you have the option of either using higher pressure to create a firm surface or lower pressure to create a softer surface. Thicker mats with high pressure will give you more firmness and stability (similar to a spring floor). Thicker mats with low pressure will give you a softer and bouncier surface (similar to a jumping castle).

If you choose a thinner 10cm mat (AirFloorX), you don't have the option to adjust the pressure to create a softer, bouncier surface. Thinner mats require high pressure to prevent bottoming out, so you need to be sure you want a firm tumbling surface when purchasing the thinner AirFloor. Thinner mats with high pressure will provide similar stability to the thicker mats with high pressure. With any mat, be sure to check the pressure before each use.