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Product Questions

What is the lifespan or your products?

This will depend on how, and in what frequency the products are used. Many of our customers have been using their AirTrack X for more than 7 years with no problems.

What guarantees do you give on your products?

We give 2 years guarantee on our AirTrack X, AirFloor X & AirBlock X.

What is the difference between AirTrack X and AirFloor X?

AirTrack X is a 20cm thick track for average / advanced gymnasts, senior gym and school sports. Easy on the body at low pressures, but comes close to a spring floor at higher pressures.

AirFloor X is a 10cm thick track, it provides easy maneuverability and stability, great for beginner / average gymnasts, cheerleaders & martial artists.

What pressure should I use?

This depends on the product, sports type, skill level and weight of the users. Always use enough pressure not to bottom out and refill before every new training session. You can manipulate the pressure to create more or less bounce.

How much do your mats weigh?

Depending on model there is a slight difference between the thicknesses but, as a rule of thumb, they weigh approx. 3 kg per square meter.

Can my AirTrack X be used outside?

When setting up AirTrack X products outdoors, use a groundsheet to avoid damaging the mat. AirTrack cannot guarantee the integrity of the products on all surfaces and in all environments. In extreme temperatures, we recommend using the product in the shade as the mat can get quite hot. Mats left outside unattended or in extreme elements can get damaged.

Please keep in mind the outside temperature affects the air pressure inside the products.

What does your 2 year warranty cover?

Our warranty covers manufacturer defects, non-usage damage to all parts, including seams and surface.

How fast does an AirTrack X inflate?

With an Electric Air Pump, an AirTrack is fully inflated within 2-8 minutes depending on your mats size.

The AirTrack slowly releases air, what should I do?

It is possible that there is a small hole. A hole can be created, because there is left over dirt on the surface that was not cleaned. In the case of a small hole, you do not need to return the AirTrack to us. A small hole can be easily and quickly repaired within 10 minutes by using a repair kit. Contact us for further instructions.

The AirTrack does not have enough air pressure after 24 hours, should I fix this?

AirTracks are not designed to maintain their pressure at night. Due to temperature differences, they lose a little air (this is normal). Always take care of the training mats for safety reasons and adjust the pressure before each new training session. If you have any doubts, please contact us for a professional advice.

Can shoes be worn on the air track mats?

It's important to remember that our mats - like all mats - hold up as well as they're treated. Therefore, we do not recommend wearing shoes on our products.

Can you do custom size AirTracks?

Yes, we can make any size you need, please contact us for a quote. Custom made mats have a delivery time of 2-6 weeks.

What colour can I choose?

We have multiple colours in stock to choose from. If you require a different colour please reach out to us and we can get one custom made for you. Delivery times for custom mats vary from 2-6 weeks.

Ordering Questions

What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay with Credit Card and PayPal - Need AfterPay or Zip? Request Details Here

Where do you ship from?

All of our products are shipped from either Sydney or Melbourne. Custom sizes or low in stock items may be sent from overseas. A delivery time of 2-3 weeks will apply for all items sent from an international location.

How long does delivery take?

You can view all of our shipping information on our shipping & warranty page.

How can I track my order?

If your order has been shipped you would have received an email that contains your tracking link. If you can't find this or you didn't receive it please Contact Us