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AirTrack X
AirTrack X
AirTrack X
AirTrack X
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AirTrack X

AirTrack X

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  • Inflatable AirTrack x 1
  • Carry Bag x 1
  • Repair Kit x 1

The AirTrackX is 20cm thick, designed for intermediate/advanced Gymnasts, Dancers, Cheerleaders, Acrobats & Martial Artists.

Our mats come standard with professional gym quality durable material (Drop stitched 1000-denier double-wall fabric) resulting in a premium grade product, that's long lasting and safe for gym, home, indoor & outdoor applications. The AirTrackX is easy on the body at low pressures, and comes close to a professional spring floor at higher pressures. (Most Popular)

Wondering what size AirTrackX to get? Our AirTrack Size Guide will tell you the ideal AirTrack for your situation based on Age, Skill Level & Available Floor Space.


  • Extra strong and durable
  • 1000-denier double-wall fabric (Drop stitch)
  • Anti-slip and wear-resistant surface
  • Quick to inflate and deflate
  • Four carry handles
  • Easy to store and transport
  • Built-in valve
  • Two years warranty
  • 3 nozzles for most types of inflatables
  • Lightweight and portable

Softer on the body than foam, the 20cm AirTrackX is also bouncier than a spring floor and highly versatile. It features a 1000-denier double-wall fabric construction with an anti-slip and wear-resistant surface. Designed for robust use, the Air Track does not twist or bend with constant handling and helps to reduce impact readily and significantly.

Great for gyms, dance studios, home, indoor and outdoor applications, the AirTrackX comes with four carry handles and a built-in valve for easy inflating and deflating. Storage is just as easy as well as space-saving too.

AirTrack Specifications

  • Material: 1000-denier double-wall fabric
  • Maximum pressure: 10PSI/ 0.7BAR
  • Length: 3m - 8m
  • Width: 1m - 2m
  • Thickness: 20cm
  • Colour: Blue

Electric Air Pump (Optional):
Designed for quick inflation of AirTracks, air beds and any inflatable equipment, our Electric Air Pump works powerfully and safely. With a hardworking 500W motor, the AC-powered Air Pump comes with three nozzles for different applications and is extremely easy to use. Its compact design is lightweight and portable to allow use in any location. Not least, the Air Pump also includes a hose and an AU standard plug. Recommended for AirTracks 20ft+.

    Electric Air Pump

    • Voltage: 220-240V
    • Power: 500W
    • Height: 14cm
    • Diameter: 10cm
    • Length: 16cm
    • Colour: Black

    Branding Notes:

    We brand our 6m x 1m x 20cm Airtrack with Airtrack X or Efit depending on stock availability. You can request at any stage the branding of your choice for the two options. The Airtrack X branding has a blue logo and black ring around the outside of the airtrack. The Efit branding comes with Everfit logo and does not have a black ring. If you purchase a 6m x 1m x 20cm Airtrack, feel free to contact us if you have a preference in branding. 

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